10 Stress-Free Tips to Use for Exams and Job Interviews

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10 Stress-Free Tips to Use for Exams and Job Interviews

You are fidgeting, your hands are clammy, and you start talking fast and suddenly start stammering. The interviewer asked you an unexpected question which you haven’t prepared. The examiner is coming towards you which is making your eyes twinkle. Your anxiety is shooting up and you start sweating. A survey has also shown that 65% of people are stressed before these encounters. So don’t consider yourself as the only person who’s stressed before formal interviews or exams. Now, do you want to overcome these issues? If yes, then you’re in right place. If you need any assistance in all these attributes about how to perform and portray yourself, you can contact our Dissertation Writing Service executive for a wider perspective and necessary help.

Here are some tips for you to overcome stress in informal encounters

These tips vary for each person. You can have a different stress level like the same candidate for the same exam or interview.

A varied and healthy diet

Diet is one of the most important aspects which can cause stress or anxiety during these situations. Diet plays a vital role in your biological immune system which is directly connected to your brain. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables can make your immune system seemingly and work as a lubricant for your body. Stomach aches due to unhealthy food or gastric juices due to soft drinks can cause distress and make you lose your focus. But sometimes, a bar of chocolate and a soft drink ate together can sharpen your mind and help you retain.


You should exercise even if you’re not stressed. Don’t bound yourself to just jogging or gym exercises, you also take part in any sports at least once a week. Joining a sports club can help keep you fit biologically and improving your immune system and your mood respectively.


Meditating is the easiest act one can do to relieve stress. It is an exercise for your brain. It just takes a maximum of 15mins per day and it mostly requires sitting down. You can relax your mind and think of happy memories and relieve yourself from distress. The breathing exercises can increase the flow of oxygen in your body and the fresh blood can cleanse your brain. Yoga is also a form of meditation and can be performed easily at home. A happy memory can entangle your motions in life. Rethinking past happy moments can enlighten your mood. 

Reduce mobile usage 

Excessive use of mobile can cause distress in many ways. Scrolling through social media can cause a sense of jealousy if someone posted about his or her achievements and you feel like a failure. Excessive use of mobile can also have a negative adverse effect on your mental health issues. You can start studying for an exam or researching about the company you applied to and get instantly distracted by your phone and waste hours just scrolling useless content. You can use apps that close different apps for a time you set in which you can work on yourself. 

Get a pet

After a long tiring day, a pet can reduce your stress and tiredness. Patting your cat or dog can release hormones that relieve stress and calm you down. Many people prefer talking to their pets over family and friends. You can pat your pet before leaving for an exam or interview to calm yourself.


“Sleep deprivation is the most common brain impairment.” If you are sleep-deprived, there are more chances of you being stressed due to a headache and also get cranky in some situations. You can also take breaks and nap for some time to get your brain running smoothly. Power naps are a lot more effective than caffeine.


If you start planning your work and work according to it. A study plan is the most effective way to ace your exams. If you divide your subjects according to your exams and read and revise all your work daily, you’ll not be stressed before the exam. If you know everything and you’re well prepared, you’ll be confident enough to attempt it and won’t be stressed at all. If you plan for all the expected answers asked in an interview, you will be quickly answering them and go through that process easier.  

Quitting bad habits

Bad habits include anything which you are addicted to or anything injurious to your health. If you are addicted to smoking and need it before an exam or an interview and don’t get that due to unforeseen reasons, you’ll probably be fidgeting and waiting for it to end. So you can go and have a smoke which will distract you from your primary objective. Also sometimes if you smoke before an interview and the interviewer smells the smell disturbing, your chances of getting accepted can distally decrease.

Be positive 

Being positive and positive is a major confidence booster for you. If someone encourages you and appreciates you, you’ll have faith in yourself. Surround yourself with yes men for the time being to stay positive and don’t underestimate yourself and keep your hopes high.

Listen to music

Music is a mind relaxer. Listen to your favorite artist or slow and calming music which soothes you. Listening to music before an interview can relieve anxiety.   


You should always revise or rehearse all your answers before entering the exam or interview. Retaining answers beforehand is really important. But keep in mind not to overdo it. Over rehearsing can make you forget previous answers and stress you out in your interview. Be aware of the capacity of your mind. 

These are e general tips for stress relieving but if you want more technical solutions, you can hire our online homework help executive. By that, you get a proper review of yourself of what to do and gain more perspective. 

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