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Examples of Structured Interview Questions in Qualitative Research

A structured interview is a sort of quantitative interview that uses a predetermined series of questions to obtain pertinent information about a study topic. This form of inquiry is commonly employed in statistical investigations and follows a predetermined sequence. Researchers frequently apply structured interviews while conducting systematic investigations into certain issues and situations. These are [...]

Best Dissertation Books That Will Help You in Writing Your Dissertation

Who said that academic writing is as easy as pie? Yep, nobody did. Since we have observed tons of students – graduate and post-graduate struggling with the task. You can say it is more daunting than difficult per se. Hence, producing a good thesis requires a unique set of abilities. Isn’t that why students usually [...]

50 Interesting Argumentative Topics 2021

While Argumentative these are one of the most interesting types of researches, that doesn’t change their level of difficulty. You can put it like this: they are challenging and that’s what makes them interesting. Due to this, their importance is equally relevant when it comes to both your academic and/or professional career. Needless to say [...]