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Why Are Proof-Reading and Editing Important

Every day, millions of people all across the world compose tons of pieces of text. Some of these authors write for academic purposes others, on the other hand, have made a career out of it. Every single day, we find billions and trillions of words are being written. As a result, it is pointless to [...]

Literature Review Paragraph Structure 

Writing a dissertation is no piece of cake indeed. It is a detailed procedure that requires minute attention to every single phase. Be it data collection or analysis. Be it finding out literature reviews to reading them to applying them to your discussion and results. Even the concluding part is checked. Other than the core [...]

Linear Dissertation Plans – The Things You Need to Know

The article you are about to read is going to enlighten your mind on how to get started with a dissertation in a linear method. This article will make you realize that you don’t need to start your dissertation in the linear method in which it is intended. Like the introduction is stated at the [...]

6000 Words Dissertation Structure – A Detailed Guide for Students

When we say dissertations are lengthy pieces of writing – that is not an understatement. Since, even the smallest ones are divided into sections such as an introduction, a literature review, research methods, results, comments, and a conclusion. Isn’t that why students seek professional help from British dissertation writers UK appointed by well-reputed writing agencies? The word [...]