How To Choose A Topic For Dissertation?

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How To Choose A Topic For Dissertation?

Are you finding it challenging to write a dissertation for your graduate degree?  If yes, you must know how difficult it is to choose a good topic for your dissertation. Many students who are writing a research paper for the first time think of looking for a essay writing service. essay writing may be hard but it can help you accelerate your career.

Choosing a dissertation topic is difficult because you’ll be living and breathing this topic for many months. There are many factors you should think about while narrowing your ideas. Fortunately, we have given several guidelines to help you come up with the most suitable topic.

1. Look For A Relevant Topic

Before you write even the first sentence of your research draft, you must have a title to work on. While there must be many topics on your mind, you must remember to eliminate the unrelated ones. Students who simply choose a dissertation topic they like end up regretting it later. So make sure to limit your topic list to one subject that is related to your degree. Consequently, this will help you come up with a good dissertation topic for your course.

2. Choose What Interests You

You don’t have to settle for a boring topic just because it has to be relevant to your subject. This is a huge mistake that students make – avoid it if you don’t want to ruin your whole year. If you’re not passionate about the subject of your dissertation, you’ll dread every minute you spend on it. Moreover, your motivation will be low and you’ll take much more time to complete your dissertation. It’s not good when your disinterest becomes obvious to the person reading your dissertation. So choose a dissertation that you truly love to make the process easier.

3. Make Sure It’s Manageable

Since you’re the one who’ll write your dissertation, you should choose a topic that makes you feel comfortable yet confident. If you only think about what your teacher likes or what looks good, you’ll settle for something tough. Many students choose a difficult topic because they feel it will make their dissertation look better. Contrarily, this only degrades the quality of their paper because they’re not skilled enough to research it. So make sure the level of difficulty of your dissertation topic matches your abilities.

4. Go With Something Familiar

We all want to see our name in the list of people who made groundbreaking discoveries. However, this isn’t something you can pull off in your first attempt as a young student. The biggest problem with unfamiliar topics is that you’ll have to spend more than double the time educating yourself. Researching sources and writing a dissertation itself takes a lot of time. You should think twice about going with a topic that’s unexplored or new to you. So choose a dissertation topic that you already know and you’ll save yourself from further struggles.

5. Avoid Outdated Topics

A good dissertation topic covers the current problems and aspects of the subject. The academic world is producing research every day to keep up with the advancements. If you decide to base your research on something outdated or obsolete, you’re simply wasting your reader’s time. There is no point in choosing a dissertation topic that is irrelevant or old-fashioned. Plus, you’ll be struggling to find sources for a dissertation topic that’s old. So come up with a dissertation title that reflects today’s world and impress your professors!

6. Challenge Yourself

You’re a student at the end of the day and you should work hard for your dissertation. If you only choose comfort and ease over everything else, you’re up for a mediocre dissertation. Success isn’t easy so make sure you choose a challenging subject that poses a complex question. If your topic isn’t descriptive, it will be hard for you to build an argument around it. Contrarily, you should state the positives and negatives and then choose one side at the end. Make sure to find enough sources to build your arguments or you’ll fail to prove your point.

7. Seek Advice

If you can’t find your dissertation topic, you don’t have to do it alone. Many students fail to seek help and make mistakes in finding the right topic for their dissertation. Your professors and supervisor are experts in your subject, if they’re willing to help you out, go for it. These are the people who can correct you before you go far into your dissertation with the wrong topic. So reach out to them and request their guidance politely – your future self will thank you!


Choosing your dissertation topic is one of the most confusing and stressful things. There are many factors that you should keep in mind while finding a great dissertation topic. Wondering what are these factors? Simply go through our list and note down every useful tip for a suitable dissertation topic. Whether you do it alone or ask a dissertation writing service for help, your topic will determine your academic success!

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