How to Make Progress on Your Goals When You Feel Unmotivated

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How to Make Progress on Your Goals When You Feel Unmotivated

Has your workload got piled up and you don’t know where to start? Are there too many assignments due and you just can’t get hold of any? Your motivational level has been at its lowest for a long now. Don’t worry, these acts will help you from getting demotivated and bring you back into the game. You can hire an experienced Professional Dissertation Writer who can counsel you and guide you about what to do if you face this in the future. Getting demotivated is a completely normal act and overcoming it can sometimes be really difficult. Everyone deserves a break from their daily routine.

Anyone can feel demotivated if things don’t get along as they expected. You probably would have for once contacted a friend of your and whined about your work. All the plans you made at the start of the year and you haven’t achieved any of them, the company project you got after so much hard work isn’t going as planned or wasting so much time on social media and then realizing at the end are some of the reasons one can be unmotivated to work any further. 

Here are some tips to overcome your demotivation

 To regain the enthusiasm you had before, you can follow these attributes and get back stronger. 

Break it down

“When making plans, think big. When making progress, think small.” This saying precisely describes how you should work if you want to make big in your respective area of interest. Sometimes the simplest problems have the hardest solution. But if you break down the problem and solve it individually, you are not going to find it as difficult as before. 

Make a priority list

After breaking down your tasks, you can list all your tasks and prioritize it in terms of ratings. The one with the highest rating should be done first. You can make a tending list and keep checking (✔) the tasks you accomplish. This will probably make you feel good about yourself and boost your motivation. Small tasks also create a sense of satisfaction. 

Talk about it

If you are constantly failing at a task and are unable to anything about it. The best you can do is talk to someone and express your grief. This can calm you down a bit. You can also talk to your parents and ask them for solutions. They’ll be the only ones you know who’ll give you honest wholesome suggestions. Sometimes, talking to your HR or Boss also helps.

Achieving the goal 

One of the best ways to achieve your goal is to have a reason driving you towards that goal. If you travel by bike for your work and a car is all you need for a comfortable commute. You can place a picture on your desk or on your desktop screen which will keep reminding you. You probably know that by completing the task, you can get a raise and afford that car. You feel guilty about not spending much time with your family, place a picture of your family which could motivate you to complete your work quickly and has ample time to spend with your family. You just need to find a purpose which boosts your motivation.  

Reflect yourself on others

Start comparing yourself with your fellow inmates. Look what they do when they feel demotivated. If you start learning from your co-workers who face the same situation as you. You’ll be able to adapt their attributes and work accordingly and realize where you make mistakes. 


Self-actualization is you are completely satisfied with what you have in your life and are not eager for any growth. This is sometimes a good attribute but it stops your hope to grow even more. You have to get past that phase and make yourself realize that there’s a lot more for you to achieve which will lead you forward. 


Analyzing yourself and making significant changes about it is a quite motivational attribute. It makes you feel that you can get out of this on your own. You can analyze your routine, sleep schedule, mental health, and work-life balance. Your routine could have been disrupted by different issues like family, unforeseen events, etc. You would’ve been sleeping late and waking up early which causes headaches and distracts you from daily life chores. Any family issues could also cause mental illness which takes a lot of time to settle. You should spend more time with your family and friends apart from work which creates a perfect work-life balance. All these issues only are accessed by yourself and working on them could bring back the motivation and strength. 

Sometimes, even our idols get demotivated. There’s no harm in getting demotivated, but there’s the harm in not getting back on track. You could talk to a counselor and take everything slow and step by step. You can talk to our Professional Dissertation WriterYou’ll feel better after talking to him/her. This would be a step in the right direction and you can feel changed and encouraged about yourself. 

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