Terms & conditions

Terms and conditions

Following terms and conditions are applied to the use of our services. All the responsibility of reading and understanding the terms and policies lies upon you. We are not accountable for any kind of misinterpretation.

  • The terms and conditions apply to the registered users of our company as well as those who are using it as guests/visitors.
  • All terms and conditions are automatically accepted by the user while they use our services.
  • In case of any disagreement, kindly do not use our services.

Here is a brief interpretation of words used in these lines with their intended meanings.

  • “Customer”, “client”, “user”, “you” or “yours” means you as a client or any other person using our services on your behalf.
  • “Company”, “organization, “we” or “our” refers to Dissertationprime.co.uk as a registered company.
  • “Website”, “web” or “site” means Dissertationprime.co.uk and all the content present on this website.
  • “Product” or “services” means all the work and services provided to our customers.
  • “Order” means an online order placed by the client or customer via any medium to purchase products and services offered by Dissertationprime.co.uk.
Order placing

Before placing an order, users are required to provide the information including:

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Contact number

The information is used to contact the clients in case of need.

User privacy

The information provided by our clients or gained through browser is safe and secure. This information is kept confidential and we do not share it with any third party. Occasional discount offers, pricing, update of policies or other promotional messages might be sent to you using this information.
You can unsubscribe these email by clicking the unsubscribe button below each email if you do not want to see them.

Refund policy

These terms and conditions are applied to our refund policy. Go through these lines to be clear on the matter before using our services.

  • If your order is cancelled before being moved to processing, you can claim a full refund of your payment.
  • If the order has been moved to processing but our experts have not started working on it, a cancellation fee equivalent of 25% of the actual payment will be deducted.
  • If our experts have started working on the project and you want to cancel the order, an amount equivalent of the work done by our expert will be deducted, along with a cancellation fee i.e. 25%.
  • If you fail in an assignment provided by our experts and you are able to provide a documented evidence of it, you are entitled to 60% refund. A strong action will be taken against the expert as well.
  • On fail refund will be entitled only if claimed within 90 days of the delivery.
  • All refund are subjected to our Quality Assurance Committee. Their decision will be considered final and you are obliged to accept it.
No refunds will be issued if:
  • The claim is made after 90 days of the delivery.
  • Late delivery because of some minor issues like typing mistakes, grammatical errors or punctuation inaccuracies.
  • A delay from the customers’ end or a change of instruction causing a delay in delivery.